Face acne

Confused as to why you still have acne even when you feel you are doing everything right in your skin care routine? Well sadly, many of our daily habits are unfriendly to the clear flawless skin we desire. Keep reading to see if you often commit one or more of these crimes against your skin.

Mirror Hugging: You constantly check your face in the mirror which inevitably leads to unnecessary popping, poking and touching. While that pimple may appear larger than life, it is always best to leave it alone as pressing it will cause bacteria to spread and will lead to scaring. Spare the mirror and move on, unless of course when you need to apply acne treatments like CookieSkin’s Whitening+Acne Serumor mask dark spots with a concealer like Mark Save the Day Anti-Acne Concealer Stick

Cellphones, hats and scarves: If you often don’t wash your scarves, and clean your cellphones and hats, you will have a lot of residue from oil, sweat, make-up and hair products. The build-up leads to bacteria and germs which eventually get on your face and causes breakouts. You have to regularly clean your phones and accessories.

 Aggressive skincare: There is such a thing as too much in skincare. Some people are too hard on their skin. Exfoliation is good in moderation, once a week. However some of us go to battle with our face, using scrubs morning and night in a very harsh manner. The outer layer of the skin is meant to keep moisture in and acne-causing bacteria out. Over exfoliation and over drying the skin causes inflammation which leads to acne, so beware!

 Junk Food: The debate is over on this one, yes eating sugary and processed junk foods and snacks causes you to produce hormones that cause acne. So eat foods high in vitamin A and E like green leafy vegetables, avocado, carrots, pawpaw and unsweetened yogurt, all of which help clear up your complexion and prevent acne.