Log on to Instagram and you can be sure to come across the trending hashtag #yummymommy. So what exactly is a yummy mommy? In my opinion for lack of a better slang, a ”yummymommy” is a M.I.L.F ( Mother I’ll like to follow). She’s hot, beautiful, stylish, and has kids. These breed of women practically make motherhood look so easy while juggling other areas of life.

Mrs. Omotola Jalade, Mother of 4 and a Nollywood Actress

The growing trend is spreading like wildfire and is not just amongst female celebs like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, JLO, and Victoria Beckham. Regular women with normal lives are beginning to take note and shape up. Thanks to reality T.V & social media, women worldwide are learning that having kids is no longer an excuse to let go of yourself be it your looks, your health, home or career.

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Mrs. Linda Soedeinde, mother of two and CEO Ariaba Lifestyle.

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Mrs. Krystal Ogwuru, mother of three, Finance Director at Iamner

While we celebrate all Mothers, we especially salute the #yummumommys for constantly holding it down & slaying no matter what life throws at them. There are so many beautiful mothers out there we wish we could show them all. But these ladies have our attention as they snapped back to their pre-baby weight, looking even more fashionable and fabulous after kids.

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Mrs. Uche Pedro, mother of two, CEO Bella Naija