Have you noticed, there’s really no color that exists without different shades? Take for example, color Pink, has Fuchsia pink, hot pink, bubblegum pink, peach, etc. Also looking at the color black, you have metallic black, jet black, ink, charcoal etc. Who would have thought that black would have different shades.

One common myth that has been ongoing among ladies, is this sudden crave to become light skinned. Often i get calls, that goes like this: “hello, I want to be fair, do you have any product to make me three shades lighter?” These kind of questions had me thinking, what would make a woman want to change her skin color? Don’t get me wrong, brightening up your skin after a tan, sun burn or to remove dark spots and discoloration is different from bleaching your whole body, because you don’t like your natural skin colour. And then I realized just like every other thing we possess, the only reason someone would want to change their skin colour is because he/she is not comfortable in their skin tone.

The truth is, everyone is created beautiful, its all about accepting your shade of beauty. Whether you are light skinned like Nadia Buari or as dark as Stephanie Linus, just know you are gorgeous and there can’t be a better you.

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Always go for products that nourishes your skin, and gives it a healthy appearance. Stay away from harsh products and go for the ones with natural ingredients such as the CookieSkin Derma Repair Line. CookieSkin products are made from natural ingredients, like the kojic acid, AHA, BHA etc, these are natural active ingredients and they help enhance your skin, bringing out the beautiful you. So be bold and confident in your skin tone, whether you are ebony black like Ama K, Caramel brown like Dakore Akande and Joselyn Dumas, the beauty is being confident with yourself, knowing you are gorgeous and you are not your skin.