Facial yoga benefits to skin

Face yoga is a form of facial massage that utilizes a facial massage tool (or your fingers!) and focuses on stressed or fatigued-looking skin. This spa-like skin care technique can help to relax you as you go through your skincare routine.

“Fatigue and stress accumulated during the day can cause skin to appear dull and tired— facial yoga [can] help you wind down before bed, so you can get the sleep you need and allow your skin to repair itself during its most relaxed state.”

One of the reasons why I love facial massaging so much— aside from all of the above—is because it can also help release some of that built up tension in your face muscles. Facial massage can even leave your complexion with a refreshing, youthful-looking glow…and who doesn’t want that?!

“Ideally, you should incorporate a facial yoga massage into your nightly skin care routine— even a few minutes every night [can] work wonders for your skin! However, if nightly isn’t an options, even two to three times a week [could] help to improve the overall appearance of your skin.”

“The ritual helps to promote skin revitalization and [can] enhance your complexion’s radiance by improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and [may also] help eliminate puffiness and water retention.” In addition, “performing a facial yoga massage on a continuous daily basis [can] also aid skin penetration and effectiveness of your skin care products.

It may slow down the aging process
The more we smile, squint, or become tense, the more wrinkles we accumulate through the years. While this is a natural part of life, facial yoga can help slow the progression of aging. Specific poses assist in recognizing when we’re unconsciously furrowing our brows or pursing our lips. You’d be surprised how often certain facial expressions happen out of habit and contribute to deeper wrinkles and tension.

It releases tension
It’s incredible how much stress we carry around in our neck and face. Facial yoga adds awareness of those muscles and different ways to alleviate any tightness that you may carry around. It’s help some women recover from chronic neck pain.