Dieting to some people means starving oneself which is not the way to go about losing weight.
Below are proven ways to lose weight:
1. Reduce Food Portions
Eating too much is one major cause of weight gain. Reduce your meal portions, starving oneself is not the remedy to losing weight. Rather, have no more than two serving spoons of rice or pasta. For meats and fish, have no more than the size of a deck of cards. When cooking a pot of soup or stew use no more than one to two serving spoons of oil.

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2. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables
Adding fruits such as apples, grapefruit, pawpaw and watermelon to your diet is certainly a great addition to every weight loss diet. Fruits are easy to eat even when busy and are sweet and delicious. Veggies can easily be chopped and made into stir-fry, so just add chicken, beef or fish to the pan and you have a healthy meal. Filling up on fruits and vegetables is a sure way to prevent hunger, flush out fat and keep the extra pounds away.

3. Drink Tea
Green tea has been proven to aid in weight loss. Drink three cups a day and you will increase your metabolism, reduce fat and prevent over-eating. Teas have natural slimming effects and is high in antioxidants called “catechins” which are the active ingredients that stimulate burning of fat and weight loss. So start drinking more tea but try not to add sugar and milk.

4. Eat More Beans
Ever heard of ‘magic beans’? Well, beans are classified as a ‘super food’ because it is a complete meal eaten alone. Hence, it is made of mostly of protein and carbohydrates and is high in minerals and vitamins. Beans have good carbohydrates, fiber, which helps fight fat and keeps you feeling fuller longer. This comes in handy in helping to lose weight because it reduces food cravings.

5. Always Choose and Drink Water
Drink water regularly in replacement to sweet drinks, sodas, juices and beer even when eating. Always choose water, its 0 calories unlike sodas which are 110 calories of sugar. Drink a full glass first thing in the morning, also first before every meal or snack, and finally a full glass last before bed. If you find water boring, add lemon, orange or cucumber slices in your bottle or glass, refrigerate overnight and drink throughout the day.
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