Starving yourself with the hopes of reducing the scale and shifting a few pounds might seem like a good idea. The more you starve yourself, the more stubborn your fat stores actually become and then the more food cravings you get! The human body has been built to hang on to fat reserves to as to prevent our energy stores from running too low and boost survival. Below are few tips on how to diet without starving yourself.


There’s a reason it’s called breakfast. While you’ve been sleeping, your body’s been fasting without food for 8 hours, your energy reserves are running on fumes and your fat-burning metabolism has slowed down. Now is the best time to kick start your body into fat burning mode.

When it comes to eating the right foods for weight loss, you have to separate the winners from the losers. Stick to the GI scale (glycemic index). In our LSWC 404020 program, we help in choosing the right High (GL) foods. High-GI foods are broken down quickly by the body and deliver a short, sharp burst of energy. Low-GI foods take longer to break down, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Trade in your bread and rice for Low-GI whole grain/wheat alternatives. Same goes for potatoes. Alternatively, going low on your carbs is a sure fire way to lose weight fast, just go slow to minimize cravings.

If you have trouble controlling your appetite and you tend to crave a lot of junk food and candy, then you’re most likely not sleeping enough. Don’t make fat loss harder for yourself by not sleeping enough. Get 8-10 hours of sleep and as a result of that, you’ll rarely crave junk food and you’ll stay sugar free throughout the day. Get a good sweat through exercising daily and don’t forget to exercise your brain as well by reading and learning. If you do those things every day, you should be tired in the evening and fall asleep early.

If you feel too restricted on your new eating plan, you’re not going to enjoy it, which is why it’s occasionally good to indulge (sensibly) in your favorite foods. Have the belief that losing weight means cutting out your favorite foods forever and you might fall of your new plan completely. The most important thing is have fun, so have that slice of pizza, just not the whole thing!

Stay away from Coke, Fanta and other soda products loaded with sugar & empty calories, downing just one of these diet destroying drinks can easily ruin a healthy day. This is no exaggeration. Consider the fact that sugar is the leading culprit for unwanted fat gain and can lead to diseases, including diabetes and heart diseases. Having a water bottle at home or at work will give you something to sip on and keep your mind off. Add in things like fresh lemon/lime juice and mint for extra flavor. Remember, thirst is often interpreted as hunger so stay hydrated. You’ll feel fuller without any sense of sacrifice. The same principle goes for alcohol although a small glass of wine or low calorie beer won’t hurt.

This here is one of the reasons why we don’t get committed to our diet plan. Most of us are use to eating as late as 10pm-11pm. Most times we even go for heavy foods like Eba, fufu or pounded yam. While dieting, it’s advisable to try and eat as early as 4pm or at most 7pm. Most times our fats are gotten from the meals we eat during late night. We sometimes don’t even allow the food to digest. We just go straight to bed. Always form the habit of having an early dinner.