Juicing has become all the rave. It’s caught on in the Western wold and is now trending in West Africa. If you listen to changing room conversations at the you would hear someone talk about how they are detoxing with juices or having a fresh juice blend for breakfast. But the question amongst die hard fitness enthusiast, yo-yo dieters and health freaks still remain, does juicing make you gain weight or lose weight? And do fruit and veggie juices really make you live longer and healthier?
Let’s answer the first question, does juicing help you loose weight? The answer is yes and no because it all depends on the person. If you are in-active, you eat badly most times, you eat carbs and fried foods and drink sodas, cocktails, mock-tails, then juicing will not be the answer as you may start but quickly stop and fall back to your bad eating habits. Also, most people with poor eating habits tend to use too much sugary fruits and little to no veggies when juicing. That means consuming way too much fructose (sugar) causing the body to store the excess as fat.
To lose weight with juicing there are two main things that have to happen, the the juice should consist mainly of vegetables; carrots, cucumber, beets, greens- spinach, ugu, kale, tomatoes, cabbage and then some fruit like apples, pears and pineapple just to add a little sweetness. Second tip is the juice must act as a meal replacement, meaning you shouldn’t have it as a drink to go with your jolly rice, plantain and meat.
The fact still remains that by consuming fruits and vegetables in liquid form, we are providing the body with vital nutrients that allows those who don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, the opportunity to reap the amazing benefits these raw foods offer.
Research has shown that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, when you take supplements in form of vitamins, only 17% percent of the vitamins are absorbed.

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There are so many health benefits to gain from adding a juicing plan to your diet, asides from helping you lose weight it will also energize you and also you will have optimal health.
* Detoxification: Juicing helps in detoxifying your body, helps in removing cancer, tumor and disease causing toxins and chemicals that get into your body without your knowledge.
* Digestion: Will aid your digestive system in making the best use of the nutrients and fiber contained in vegetables and fruits.
* Research has is that Consumption of vegetable or fruit juice on a daily juicing can reduce the risk of getting cancer. Also, will strengthen the body’s immune system.
* Juicing helps in curbing excess weight. Homemade juices have very few calories and no fat at all. If you are currently on a weight loss program, embracing juicing as part of your diet can effectively help you shed off excess weight. Juicing can further keep your stomach full, therefore, helping you control your eating habits.
*Sleep better
*Healthier hair
*Improved nail strength

Include juicing in your diet today.