There’s a hot new diet that’s all the rave in Nigeria right now, it’s called The 40.40.20 designed by Wellness pioneer Leslie Okoye. Mrs Okoye is a private Health Coach to many celebrities and high-profile clients in Nigeria and Ghana.

So what exactly does 40.40.20 mean? The mom of two explains that if you struggle with loosing weight, especially in the stomach area, you need to "combine 40% healthy eating, 40% percent exercise and 20% natural supplements to lose weight and keep it off." Leslie designed this theory after she too struggled with loosing the 'baby weight' after her first and second pregnancy. She recalled "it was so hard and frustrating, sometimes i even got depressed looking at my body. I would eat very little, cut off carbs and workout and still my stomach looked five months pregnant and that last 15 pounds just wouldn't budge." It was this struggle with her constant protruding belly, wearing uncomfortable waist trainers, starving and still looking pregnant that lead to her search for a diet lifestyle that would guarantee a smaller waist and a flat stomach.

The 40.40.20 is the dream weight-loss program because it has everything. For three months, people on the program get; scrumptious food, smoothies, detox juices, menu-plan, personal fitness training, supplements, daily support and weekly consultations and weigh-ins. New moms including wife of Jude Okoye, Mrs. Ifeoma Michelle Okoye, love the meals so much they ask for detailed recipes so they can keep making it at home for themselves.

A representative from L'Okoye Skin & Weight-loss Center stated that every client on the program was successful in reaching their weight-loss goals, especially with losing fat around the tummy. She also mentioned that though many are shy and self-concious at the start, "the all become happier and self-confident after two weeks into it. They come in cheerful, with more swag and always talk about how they need to go shopping for new clothes 'cause all their clothes are now big on them."

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This unique weight-loss program is tailored to meet individual needs, hence clients don't necessarily get the same foods. Meals, detox juices and smoothies are prepared based on your health condition, body type, fat percentage, and lifestyle. Average weight-loss is 2kg a week and 98% of Mrs. Okoye's clients are successful in keeping the weight off after the program.

To join The 40.40.20 or to find out more about the Wellness services offered at L'Okoye Skin & Weight-loss Center you can visit or call the office at:

L’Okoye Skin & Weight-loss Center
12b FataiIdowuArobike Street
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Telephone: 09031172151

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