The word resilience means “being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions”. Many women are frustrated with their skin care issues that even in trying to find solutions to these problems many have made wrong choices of skin care products to use regarding to their skin. Sadly, the result ends up in damaging results, such as uneven skin, dark knuckles and sunburns.

The beauty of life is getting back up and retracing your steps after a wrong turn. If you were travelling to a particular location and the you suddenly realized you made a wrong turn, will you continue going in the wrong direction or make a U-turn. So same applies to our skin, yes you have made the wrong choices as it relates to your skin, which has resulted in some side effects. So why not make a U-turn and get your beautiful skin back. That’s what this article is about. Instead of saying, I’m just going to stop everything and use baby lotion, you may want to begin by getting a Skincare Consultation from reputable skin care expert.

Once you’ve consulted with someone who knows better, the next step is to follow the advice or routine you have been given for at least 4-6 weeks. Consistency and diligence are key in getting desired results. Yes other brands may have failed you, however you have to learn to trust the process.

So, we’ve found that the most common and embarrassing damages most women detest are dark knuckles and burns or dark patches around the eye area and cheek. Fear not ladies as there is a solution for it that can restore your hands to normal without causing further damage.

For dark knuckles, CookieSkin has the winning combination of products to heal and protect as well as to fade and brighten. These products when used together have helped a lot of women in recovering their beautiful hands back. Daily application will get your beautiful skin back, in a number of weeks. For badly damaged knuckles and faster results, use the Miracle Intensive Fading Concentrate every night two hours before bed.

For dark patches and burns around the delicate eye area and cheeks, the most effective combination products tried and test to heal and brighten at night is the Miracle Intensive Fading Concentrate. And during the day you must protect the new fresh skin being regenerated with the TriActive Brighten & Protect Day Fluid and the Nourishing Whitening Cream.

So where are my resilient women at,( say heyyyyy), rise up again take a breath of fresh air, and go get your skin back. Come join the CookieSkin family and get beautiful skin so fresh its edible.