Acne can come in form of pimples, cysts, white heads or black heads. Whatever form it comes in on your face, it is always frustrating dealing with it and can be depressing if it continues to spread and occur frequently.
Today everyone wants a quick fix and with so many products in the market claiming to cure acne one can be easily confused. Desperate for a solution many people take the wrong advice, use the wrong products and make their acne situation worse.

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Before I prescribe any products, you need to know that the body can treat and prevent acne on its own when you are eating a healthy diet and not junk, fried or sugary foods. It’s simple, when you clean up your insides your skin on the outside will clear up too because you really are what you eat. So while you start eating more vegetables, fruits and drinking water, you also need to improve and simplify your skin care routine.

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Common skin care mistakes that cause acne and make them worse are over exfoliating with scrubs or sponges, overuse of toners or astringents, not using face lotion or cream, pressing or popping your pimple, too much hair products, using heavy creams or oils. If you have acne the best solution is to prevent new ones from forming by not making the above mistakes. In addition, use treatment products at night after washing and toning and keep your routine very simple in the morning. We like CookieSkin’s Whitening + Acne Serum and CookieSkin’s Complexion Shield Day Lotion SPF50.