It is a myth that dark skinned people do not need to protect their skin from the sun. Everyone, dark, light or caramel needs to protect their skin from the sun and must use a good sunscreen with SPF30+. SPF means ‘sun protection factor’ and the higher the number the better. People at higher risk for sun burn and skin cancer are babies, children, the light or fair skinned, outdoor workers and people who bleach their skin. A lot of ladies especially those accustomed to using hydroquinone based creams (aka bleaching creams)are at higher risk for sunburn, sun-damage, hyper-pigmentation and skin cancer.
So, you must be wondering, which Sunscreen is best? That is a great question because not all sunscreens are equal. When choosing a sunscreen lotion, look at the back for the ‘active ingredients’, the ingredients you need to see are Titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, anything else is a chemical sunscreen and would not necessarily prevent sunburns and tans. Pick a sunscreen that says SPF20 or a higher number, SPF30+. A good sunscreen lotion that isn’t sticky or oily is CookieSkin’s Complexion Shield Day Lotion SPF30+ which is for the face. CookieSkin also has a body lotion with sunscreen called Brightening Body Lotion SPF20.